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My name is Johannes Lang and thank you for visiting my website. You will be taking a trip down memory lane, except that this is an exceptional one. I talk about a variety of subjects of one era in particular.

Cast your mind back to this glorious but not forgotten decade. It is the period in time that we all know and love. This was the era where everything was big and attitudes were even bigger. Clothing fit well but was designed to look two sizes too big. Music had big melodies and the music videos featured artists with hair that was massive and over the top. This was the time when time travel looked fun and where family movies were fun and entertaining. Action movies did not have today's special effects, but some had enough drama, emotion and power to rival films of today in this category. Some of these are still viewed as classics.

Welcome to the raw, the awesome, the big, the bold, the unique, the über-glitzy, the brash, and the only decade to where it is worth traveling back in time. Welcome to the best decade in history: the iconic 1980s.